Gift Guide for the Holidays

If you're looking for a trendy present for your BFF this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place! The 2035 is here for all your gift giving needs - get ready to become the best gift giver in your friend group. Here are a few accessories that would make great gifts for your loved ones, without breaking the bank.

Double Chain Necklace - $12

Our double chain necklace is essential to your everyday look. This necklace can go with any outfit, whether you’re hitting the town or having a movie night in with friends. 

Call Me Cute Purse - $20

This purse is a staple item for any outfit. A cute look that is perfect for holding lip-gloss, hand sanitizer, a cell phone, or whatever else you may need!

Zebra Headbands - $5

Add a pop of print to your wardrobe! These fun headbands will add to any plain pieces that need a little spice.

Initial Necklace (Gold) - $9

Get personal with your gifts! Give your bff a necklace with their initials on it (or even yours). 

Iconic Hoops (Gold & Silver) - $6


An iconic hoop for an iconic friend! These earrings will add a bit of sass to any outfit this holiday season.

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